What is NuCalm®?

NuCalm is a relaxation system we offer at our dental practice to ensure that you have the best possible experience at our office. We understand that many people may feel nervous or uncomfortable while visiting the dentist, and we are dedicated to providing you with a dental experience that is comfortable and enjoyable. The NuCalm system works through four main steps:

  1. You will chew dietary supplements (containing all-natural ingredients) designed to interrupt stress. These dietary supplements do not interfere with or counteract any medications or dietary restrictions.
  2. We will apply a patch behind each of your ears for microcurrent stimulation, which has been shown to help facilitate relaxation.
  3. You will wear headphones that provide soothing music. Layered within the music is proprietary neuroacoustic software that helps to facilitate deep relaxation.
  4. You will wear a NuCalm light-blocking eye mask, which helps to maintain relaxation by removing visual stimuli.

NuCalm can help you achieve deep relaxation within just a few minutes (usually 3-5 minutes), helping you to feel calm and at ease during your visit to our office. The NuCalm system works with the biology of the stress response for an all-natural way to relax. To learn more about NuCalm in Sonoma, California, we invite you to view this video and contact our dental office today. We are committed to providing you with a relaxing, enjoyable dental experience!