What is a filling?

A filling is a dental restoration commonly used to repair a tooth affected by minor decay or other damage. When your tooth has a cavity, it must be repaired to prevent the decay from progressing further and causing more extensive damage. In order to restore the health and structure of your tooth, our knowledgeable dentist may recommend a dental filling. Dr. Jeffrey Lopes most often recommends metal-free fillings, which are also called tooth-colored, white, or composite fillings, because they blend in beautifully with the appearance of your smile and contain no metals, which can be potentially harmful to your health. White fillings are made of a material called composite resin, which we can match to your natural tooth shade for a natural-looking effect. The composite resin also bonds with your natural tooth structure for a strong, lasting restoration.

Do I need a filling?

If your tooth is damaged by minor decay or fracturing, we may suggest a dental filling in Sonoma, California. In order to restore a decayed or damaged tooth, Dr. Jeffrey Lopes will remove the decay from the tooth, clean the tooth, and fill the tooth with composite resin. After shaping the filling to fit your tooth, we harden the filling with a special light. This process requires just one visit to our office. We invite you to contact our office today to learn more about the advantages of metal-free fillings and to set up your next visit to our office. We are committed to improving your dental health!