What is Bioliner™?

Bioliner is a clear aligner treatment used to correct slight tooth misalignment. If your teeth are crooked or crowded, our friendly dentist may recommend Bioliner teeth straightening to help you achieve a straight, beautiful smile. The Bioliner system uses a series of aligners created from clear, smooth plastic. Each Bioliner aligner is custom made from molds of your mouth to comfortably fit your smile and gradually move your teeth to their proper positions in your smile. As you switch sets of aligners every few weeks, your teeth are gently aligned. Bioliner aligners are easily removable, so you can quickly remove your aligners any time you need to eat or brush and floss your teeth. Bioliners are very discreet, comfortable, and simple to use.

Do I need Bioliner?

If you would like to achieve a straighter smile, Bioliner clear aligners in Sonoma, California, might be right for you. Bioliner aligners are typically more affordable than other clear aligner brands, and they often work faster. Dr. Jeffrey Lopes has been trained in using Bioliner to help our patients achieve the straight smile of their dreams, and he will help you determine whether Bioliner clear aligners are right for meeting your goals for your smile. Please call or visit our office today to learn more and to start your journey to a straighter, more beautiful smile!