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If you’re a mother or expecting a new child, the wellbeing of your child is everything. That’s why we get a number of queries about the safety and proper use of anesthetics and other medicines for women during pregnancy. We’re ecstatic to let you know that we only use the safest medications and procedures when caring for pregnant women.

Your safety and the safety of your child are our ultimate priority. A recent study was performed to determine the impact of the use of aesthetics on women during their pregnancies. The results of the study determined that these services were safe, that they caused no increase in the amount of miscarriages and birth defects and that they had no impact on the prematurity of the baby. Please also take note that the risk of complications from untreated oral diseases can be serious. If you’re pregnant, please reach out to us right away so that we can adapt your care plan appropriately and do our all to aid you during this exciting time.

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