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Neuromuscular Dentistry

Smile Makeover Specialist

Neuromuscular Dentistry is the science of dentistry that embodies accepted scientific principles of patho- physiology, anatomy, form and function.

NMD objectively measures the complex relationship between the teeth, temporomandibular joints and the masticatory muscles in order to achieve an occlusion (bite) that is based on the optimal relationship between the mandible (jaw) and the skull.

If your teeth do not fit together correctly (malocclusion) the muscles and joints accommodate(work) to get them together. A malocclusion often leads to muscles that are overworked when they should be relaxed, leading to various painful conditions, such as headaches, joint pain (TMJ), head and shoulder pain as well as abnormal wear and looseness of the teeth.

Once the correct bite is established, and the symptoms decrease, various treatment options are discussed. These might include coronoplasty (bite adjustment), orthodontics (braces) or reconstruction (crowns, bridges, implants) , or a combination of these.

Dr. Lopes has gone through advanced training at the Las Vegas Institute and can diagnosis if your pain is related to having a misaligned bite. Contact Dr. Lopes today for an initial consultation - a pain free mouth is right around the corner